For Retailers

Are you a retailer in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and would like to offer the WantItNow fast shipping delivery option on your website?

We currently service the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas but expect to be in Brisbane very soon.  Simply fill out your details and one of our very friendly team members will contact you to discuss becoming a WantItNow partner. To make it easy for our retailers we have created a number of plug-ins to make the adoption of WantItNow into your shopping cart as easy as possible. We have also developed a number of WantItNow fast delivery services to suit different sizes of retailers, different industries and different cities.  As long as our retail partners are happy – we're happy.  We believe in a true partnership, not just in name alone, and work very closely with each retailer to ensure a pain free, simple start with WantItNow that will make your  shoppers happy and leave them coming back for more fast deliveries.