Cycling on a regular basis is one of the most enjoyable and effective exercise to do because for the 7 reasons below.

1. Didn’t need a lot of money and can be done in accordance with our wishes. Especially with indoor cycling, you can time it with a class or do it at home.

2. Improve mood and energy, so that we can work every day with a happily.

3. Cycling strengthens all your muscles because the movement of the body incorporates your legs, arms, and core.

4. Cycling trains our body’s coordination and balance. By doing cycling, all of our body works at the same time. This is good to train your focus and your muscles all at once.

5. Cycling on a regular basis increases the ability of the heart and lungs.

6. Cycling can lower blood sugar and blood pressure, which means reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

7. Cycling on a regular basis can reduce body fat and you can lose weight.

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