It can be easy to get into a routine and neglect those people who mean the most to us. It takes a concerted effort to maintain friendships and to stay connected to even a few people in a meaningful way. A few ways to keep in touch with friends are:

– Scheduling a walk every Saturday is a healthy, relaxed way to spend time with a friend and it costs nothing. Most communities have parks with walking trails that provide views of nature and easy paths to follow but just walking through a familiar neighborhood is always an available option. If the weather happens to be nasty meeting at a shopping mall is a good alternative and provides the opportunity to have a cup of coffee at the end of the exercise. The main thing is just to get it on the calendar and to meet in a systematic manner.

– Keeping in touch with out of town friends has never been easier thanks to e-mail and some of the newer computer applications such as Facebook. Sending a quick e-mail note takes but a minute and allows the person receiving it to respond at his or her convenience so it is never intrusive. Most people appreciate a picture now and again in order to keep up with growing families and it is easy to attach one to an e-mail or to include it on a Facebook page.

– Establishing a regular time, such as the third Saturday evening of each month for example, is a good way to schedule time with friends. It becomes an event to look forward to and is easy to remember because it is habitual. Most people find their good intentions becoming the reality of actually getting together with friends because the time is set aside automatically each month. A quick phone call is all it takes to agree on the time and place to meet for a fun time together.

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